psa: sean is really cute when he’s working on stuff. :3 

09.30.2014 /

excuse you. these october posts need to stop right now because it is not october yet here. thank you for understanding.

09.30.2014 /

why did i start watching oitnb. ughhhhhhhhh. 2stressed

09.29.2014 /

oitnb is great.

people are trash.

i feel like shit and im unhappy.

im going to sleep.

adios amigooooooooooooooooooooooos

09.27.2014 / +3



09.26.2014 / +4

i just want the bravely default art book. thats all. and i can die happy. thats a lie. but see. now you understand how badly i want it.

09.25.2014 / +2

im down 10lbs again. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

09.22.2014 / +5

im hungry and all i want is chocolate. uh oh.

09.22.2014 / +1

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09.22.2014 / +12

this year has by far, been the best year of my life.

09.19.2014 / +1

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09.17.2014 / +2

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09.16.2014 /

i so badly just want to do nothing and lay around.

09.15.2014 / +2

I’m drowning in my feelings for him. And I love every second of it.

09.15.2014 / +2

Tonight was pretty great. He’s really great. I don’t know how much longer I can hold back from telling him. Help.

09.15.2014 / +5