i feel like theres a site i usually check everyday that i didnt check today and its bothering me because wtf is it

turned on keurig. forgot to put cup underneath. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 

giggling at my mom telling me dana wanted to call the cops on niks birthday party next door back home. loooooool

I might actually cry over how frustrated I am holy shit

ehhhhh I wish I could get a handle on feelings

i suddenly feel very overwhelmed with life. jfc. too much i want to do. i have no patience

i really like him holy shit i cant take it anymore .im drowning. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

i dont get myself sometimes. lol

i want sean to come hommmmmeeeeeeeeee. :’(

I don’t wanna move from my bed. Too comfy. Birds chirping. So nice.

I’m frustrated and terrified. And I’ve never been this cautious.

im gonna force myself to practice environments today. i think. i hope. oh god im terrified

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