sometimes i worry that sean is gonna be mad at me over something i did and then he doesnt understand when I apologize and thinks I shouldnt have to and then I feel stupid and like he will actually get annoyed at me for not really believing him and its like. im not used to this. I used to have to apologize a lot. idk im dumb

sean came home and took me out for surprise ice cream to cheer me up. yes. ladies and gentlemen. he’s perfect.

im gonna go do my hair and maybe feel better about myself.

omg. you can buy the pink teddy bear from breaking bad but its $32 and i really shouldnt spend money on that but omg i want it so bad look at iitttt

i am inadequate.

i literally hate how easily affected my mood is.

still overwhelmed daily over how attractive sean is.


my nose is v v cold. help. im bout to look like rudolph.

let me just take a second to give you an example of how great sean is. i am swamped with work. sean goes to the grocery store, gets things that we need for us, proceeds to make dinner for us and now he is cleaning up omg praise b 2 jesus hes so helpful and perfect where have you been all my life

ughhhhhhhhhhhh i hate some people

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