more of my sets came out today for the new cat cafe! :D 
i really fkin love cats and coffee you have no idea how much i loved this.

*also includes some things not in my sets. but shh. they look so cute.

09.17.2014 / +9

oh hey look! i started working for gaia a bit ago and my first set was released today. yaaaay. 

also featuring: honoka’s harmony eyes & golden lips

09.05.2014 / +6

It’s complete! Animated by DeGroot Media

09.03.2014 / +10

a cute ass commission

08.28.2014 / +16


Been working on some environment studies. More coming soon!

08.22.2014 / +15 / danikruse

cutie patootie.

08.13.2014 / +35

the day i decide to draw a scout in my outfit for the day, is the day im wearing a very boring outfit. whoops. (but there are kitties on my scarf!)

08.12.2014 / +32

oh yeah. i drew a buncha sharks yesterday. :) and a sawfish cause im stupid and didnt know the difference. (sooo there issss a tiger, blue, dogfish, scalloped hammerhead, banded cat, sawshark, sawfish, crested port jackson, thresher, whale, bonnethead andddd a cute little great white.)

just in time for shark week! thanks thecynicalbrit

08.09.2014 / +167

i dont even know what im doing anymore.

08.07.2014 / +19 / danikruse


barreleye fish are funny.

08.06.2014 / +8 / danikruse


yeti crabs are cute.

08.06.2014 / +9 / danikruse


have some cute assets i was working on for an animation! :)

07.31.2014 / +9 / danikruse


okay. last changes. were done.

06.27.2014 / +19 / danikruse

Might make some more changes still. I don’t know. ahhhhhhh. one day ill be happy with a finished piece. one day.

06.26.2014 / +14 / danikruse